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Divyan Raichura

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Started Agave IT Services in 2003. Passionate about providing technology services that help our clients achieve their goals and vision.

I worked in the Architecture, Engineering, & Construction (AEC) community as an in-house IT manager and administrator for ten years before becoming a consultant.  I saw a need for an IT firm that genuinely wanted to help AEC firms by understanding their goals and objectives. That is why I started Agave IT Services.  I want to work with my clients by helping them achieve their goals and vision. 

Getting a degree in Computer Information Systems and receiving various IT accreditations help me understand the technical side of the IT world. What makes me a good consultant is my ability to effectively communicate and build relationships without which providing effective support wouldn’t be possible.

My experience working as a surveyor, CAD tech, and IT Manager makes me the ideal person to troubleshoot issues with survey equipment, CAD/BIM software, and networks/servers. 

Seventeen years after starting Agave IT services, I still have the same passion for helping our clients because we all need a little bit of help in achieving our goals. I believe we can help you do that… at least from a technology stand-point.

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