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John Webster

Security Sage

Passionate and knowledgeable about cyber security and helping clients avoid becoming a victim. I've been studying and analyzing cyber security trends my whole career.

Over my 30 years of experience in IT and Cyber Security I’ve worked with many clients; some highly technical and others just want it to work. My focus is to help you accomplish your goals and vision not show you how much I know about technology. 

I've been studying and analyzing cybersecurity trends my entire career and consider data protection (backup) as the primary way to combat cybersecurity threats.  New cybersecurity threats are emerging daily, and being aware of the business impact of those threats is what drives me to focus on protecting data.

My hobby is preserving film strips...yes, the kind you watched when you were in grade school. My other hobbies are photography and lighting. If you would like to learn more about film strips, email me... :)

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