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Managed Backups

Managed Backups

Data backup and retrieval

From a simple deleted file to a water leak in the server room; a proper backup strategy can be a life saver. However if a backup takes hours to sift through and pull the missing data the backup isn't very useful.

Backup solutions need to provide 2 functions; backup your data and allow retrieval of specific data within the backup set. All backup solutions provide that functionality differently. We have tested many backup solutions and settled on one that minimizes both downtime and data loss.


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Malicious Software Protection

Malicious Software Protection

There are over 350,000 new malware detections every day.  With our security utilities and appliances many of these will be blocked before making their way onto your network.

If a system becomes infected it may be necessary to roll back the workstation or server. With our disaster recovery plan we will have you up and running with minimal down time.

Improved RTO

Improved RTO

Recovery Time Objective

RTO is the amount of time from an incident (accidental deletion, server corruption, malware) to being fully functional. RPO and RTO form the scorecard for a disaster recovery plan. With our Managed Backup services your down time is significantly reduced.

Improved RPO

Improved RPO

Recovery Point Objective

Recovery Point Objective is how frequently backups are saved. Through a local appliance and a web service; incremental backups are created frequently without interrupting an employees work. These frequent backups provide a minimal loss of data by reducing the amount of time between an incident and the last backup.


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