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Phone - Voice Over IP

Phone - Voice Over IP


Bring all your office communications (phone, chat, web conference, screen share) onto one easy to use platform that is accessible by cell phone or computer. No more leaving your cell number on your office voice mail.

With VoIP you can:

  • Set out of office messages from wherever you are at
  • Receive emails containing the voice message from inbound calls
  • Start a web conference with a few clicks
  • Instant chat with office personnel
  • Easily transfer receptionist duties to anyone in the system

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What to expect

Services we employ to keep your company and users safe and productive

Email Client Integration

Call from your Email client contacts

Voice Mail to Inbox

Voice Mail delivered to your email inbox

1 Phone Number

1 Phone number accessible from anywhere

Technology can be overwhelming
that's where we come in

Let us help you stay focused on your core business!
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