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Security breach impact on small to medium size businesses:

A proper security plan is more than antivirus sitting on your employees workstations. Security integrated properly has multiple layers with the final layer being your users. Along with using best in class security hardware and utilities; we perform security assessments and training with your employees so they can understand what to look for.

Every integration starts and ends with security so we can keep your workstations running great, your data safe, and your employees happy.


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Having best in class security hardware and utilities doesn't do much without keeping tabs on what is happening on your network.

We receive messages from our security vendors when a new threat has been recognized anywhere in the world. This allows us to take action before your network is exposed to the threat increasing your data security and user productivity.

Cyber Security assesment

Cyber Security assesment

The best security hardware, software and utilities can only do so much. If users know what to look for your chance of surviving the next cyber attack increase exponentially.

We test all aspects of security too include users. Through this testing we can identify who we need to spend time with on securing your companies data and their role. In the end performing these security probes puts your users at ease because they know what a threat looks like and what to do about it.


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