Name change and new website

Agave Business Solutions has a new name: Agave IT Services. We are also exiting the presumed Tequila business :/

January 25, 2021

This may be a sobering day for many as we have made the decision to rebrand Agave Business Solutions Inc. (legal name) to Agave IT Services (dba)

Our transformation from a company that MUST have something to do with Tequila into a company that might have something to do with Tequila but definitely provides IT Services has been in the works since the third time Divyan was asked if he makes Tequila.

The Decision was not made lightly

In a teleconference on 21 March ad; the board, consisting of members, voted to start our own brand of Tequila. This was a logical step as many new customers pose the question:

Do you make Tequila?

After  deliberating for what seemed like 32 minutes (actually was 20 minutes)  we realized R&D, trials, marketing, production and distribution  was more than we could handle... even if we involved our kids.

And so the more logical decision was made to leave our presumed Tequila roots and give our company a name that more clearly reflects what we excel at and what our customers depend on us for:

our new name: Agave IT Services

The Real Scoop

… Divyan is still at the helm

Though it is true that Divyan frequently gets asked if we have anything to do with Tequila; the main reason for the name change is to be clear about the role Agave fills for our customers and make it clear to new customers what we actually do... (I can see where my use of Agave in that sentence could have dual meanings... :/

Agave IT Services is only a name change (dba). Divyan is still at the helm, the Team that provides excellent service remains the same, if you are doing business with us now this name change will be transparent.

Looking to the future

You will see some additional services provided by us shortly:

  • New ticketing system where you can see the status of tickets, projects, billing history
  • Email change from:   to:  (emails to either will make it to us)
  • One central number to call when you need help that rings everyone (instead of dialing each of us till you get someone..:)
  • One email address to send a request for help that reaches everyone
  • Cost effective full featured private Voice Over IP system (VoIP)

We Value our customers

This is an exciting time for us. The changes we are making were all predicated on providing better service to you: our customers.

Our desire is for your company to be successful. We believe the services we provide will help you focus on your core business.

If you have any questions or concerns hop over to our new Team Page and get in touch.


If you are a Tequila distributor or producer in Arizona and you need IT services you should contact us... Sounds like it is a match meant to be....

Matthew worked with Agave IT Services as a Brand & Content Consultant through 2020. He managed our company transition from Agave Solutions Inc. to Agave IT Services (dba). From our Logo to our online presence and business operations platform; Matthew created a solid foundation able to support our growth into the future.

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